Farmers Express Concern About U.S., China Trade Dispute

Farmers Express Concern About U.S., China Trade Dispute

As the trade dispute between the U.S. and China continues and tariffs mount on goods traded between the countries, farmers find themselves in the bull’s eye yet again. While some support the President’s trade tactics, others don’t.

Check out these reader comments on the article Farmer Patience Dwindles As China Trade Talks March On.

“At this juncture it’s pointless to keep politicizing what could or should be done. … If we get a deal before August, we have a chance to at least create enough exports to stop the bleeding. We need to try to stay positive and hope this gets resolved somehow. We are all in this together.” — Kevin from Wisconsin

“If our past political overlords had spent any effort at all looking out for American financial and trade interests Trump wouldn’t be forced to undertake this Herculean task. Bravo to the Trump administration for taking the road not previously traveled and looking out for our interests. None of us would like the world that would result should China become the dominant global power.” — Dean from Kansas

“There’s only one thing worse than watching the China/USA trade negotiations fall apart and that’s watching it rain yet again on already saturated/flooded soils. I think most can agree that Trump overplayed his hand and his confidence when Trump stated “Trade Wars are so easy to win” last year. Well, we’ve been losing ever since. Second, Trump’s first big mistake was pulling out of the TPP. These multilateral trade agreements are cumbersome, slow and at times tedious, but in the long term they’re effective and shield countries from retaliatory trade stances — i.e. not buying U.S. Soybeans. … Remember, Trump only knows how to double down — he doesn’t know how to negotiate, which he’s absolutely terrible at.” — John from Illinois

“Make no mistake. Trump will put us all out of business to get what HE wants. Already happening here. You can’t ruin a farm or a country like you can a business and just start a new one.” — Jim from North Dakota.

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